What factors should be taken into account when considering the best location for a distribution centre? What are the advantages of Central Poland?

Well-developed transport infrastructure is one of the main factors which define the location of a distribution centre. As a result of its favourable location in the centre of Poland, Lodz region is the natural choice of companies distributing goods across the entire territory of Poland. Located at the junction of the A1 and A2 motorways, national road No. 1 and the S8 expressway towards Wroclaw, the Lodz region is well-connected with all other Polish regions, ensuring fast and easy access to all clients nationwide. The choice of location for a logistics centre should depend on the distance from the main consumer markets. Renting a warehouse space in close proximity to those local markets crucial for a particular company enables the minimization of transport costs and reduces the time needed to deliver products to clients. This creates an opportunity to build a competitive advantage over those companies with a similar business profile. In considering the best location for a logistics centre, the availability of a qualified workforce in the particular region should also be taken into account. The unemployment rate in the Lodz region remains high, whereas salaries are relatively low, making the region more attractive from the entrepreneurs’ point of view. When thinking about leasing warehouse space in a particular logistics park, tenants should examine the technical parameters of the offered units and decide if the warehouse building’s standards meet with their expectations, enabling the company to run an efficient business. It is also worth securing the possibility of leasing additional space in the event of the further development of the company.